Artwork Care Tips for the Beginning Collector



You finally decided to buy that painting you’ve been eyeing for months, and know just the spot where it’ll hang in your home. Wonderful! So, what’s next?

One commonly overlooked aspect of art collecting  is the process of caring for the work once it’s at home. However, don’t panic! There are plenty of simple ways to keep your artwork at home in great condition for years to come, and we at Jack Rabbit Gallery are here to help with a few tips. 

Avoid hanging your painting near a heat source.

Changes in temperature can cause the wooden components of the canvas stretcher to expand and contract, as well as affect the drying process of the painting if it is in oil. In general, it's a good idea to avoid hanging work near a radiator, and active candles or fireplaces.

Think twice before hanging that painting in your bathroom.

Unfortunately for us Houstonians, humidity is one of the main damaging forces to artwork - especially when combined with heat. While that landscape painting may look great over your sink, be sure to keep in mind that the steam from your shower may have damaging effects on your artwork in the long-term. If you’re set on the spot, we recommend you consult with a framer in order to protect your artwork to the best of your ability. For our local friends, we recommend Jay’s Frames.


When holding your painting, be sure to hold it firmly from two sides.

In order to prevent the wood of the canvas stretcher from warping over time, it’s important to securely hold the work from two sides in order to avoid putting stress on a single support beam.

Check how the work is hung.

In general, medium to large artwork will be hung one a wire with D-rings. Not only is this the most secure way to hang a painting, but it’s going to be the easiest way to ensure your artwork is able to appear level. Smaller, less heavy work may have some variation in this department, and can possibly be hung with a toothed hanger on a nail. If you are planning on buying or have bought a painting with no hanging mechanism, consult a framer or the artist for the best way to secure your work. 


Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

It is always in the best interest of the gallery, artist, and collector to keep your artwork in the best condition possible. Be sure to ask any questions you may have! We're here to help. 

PICTURED Paintings

Sari Shyrak, Piñata Party, 2020. Acrylic.     36 x 24 in, $1,800


Melissa Ellis, Everlasting Gobstopper, 2020. Oil On Canvas, 72 x 36 in, $11,650


Melissa Ellis, Bouncing around the room , 2020. Oil On Canvas, 72 x 40 in, $12,960


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