Jack Rabbit Gallery was founded to make art collecting more fun and accessible for people who love art.  All our works of art are originals created by emerging and mid-career painters, print masters, illustrators, and sculptors. Jack Rabbit Gallery offers a wide array of styles, media, and genres, including abstract, abstract expressionist, minimalist, modern realist, impressionistic, figurative, and fantasy works. We strive to carry a diverse selection so anyone can walk in and fall in love with something in our gallery.



✽ We want people to feel good about the things they are buying. We carry a curated selection of limited-edition merchandise, including silk scarves with original artwork displayed in the gallery and a fragrance line with three options (Men’s, Women’s, and Unisex) called “blue rabbit”.

✽ We also offer advice on home décor with demonstrations in-gallery on how to decorate your home around your artwork. Gallery owner, Jodi Grogan, is available to help you make your home as beautiful as you are.

💥Don’t forget💥

We are also an event space! Host your next office party, holiday party, birthday party, engagement party, etc. with us. We would love to celebrate with you!

Jack hosts events every 4-6 weeks, so sign up for our email list through our website to get direct invitations!

Why are you called Jack Rabbit Gallery? People often ask about our name.  We chose Jack Rabbit as our namesake because, for centuries, rabbits and hares have symbolized the values we seek to encourage:  creativity, good fortune, and prosperity.  The rabbit is associated with Spring; to see a rabbit running through the fields means that it will be a good year for crops and gardens.  In Europe, it was customary to give a child a rabbit as a gift to ensure the child had a prosperous life.  In Chinese culture, the rabbit has a year of its own.  People born in the Year of the Rabbit are kind, smart, and are destined to enjoy creative lifestyles, seeking success in art, music, architecture and literature. 

We want to celebrate the beauty and creativity of art.  We want that art to bring years of joy, peace and good fortune to those who acquire it.  And we want our artists to enjoy success and prosperity by marketing and selling these magnificent works of art.  So what better name could there be than JACK RABBIT GALLERY!