Eliot GroganWorks

Native Texan artist Eliot Grogan is best known for his works covering his mom’s walls at home. Now the artist has the honor of being shown on the walls of his mom’s art gallery! As the son of an artist, he grew up in a home where projects were as common as household chores. Whether it was creating art for the walls or as gifts, building the families furniture, or painting the floors, because why not?, there was always something going on in the Grogan house. Through all these projects, he learned how to see something in what others might not even notice. He learned that even something simple or mundane could be made incredible, and that an idea is only truly great when it is acted on and made real.

He lives in Washington D.C. with his incredible wife Morgan and their adorable dog Pappy. His artistic expressions are mostly shown through his street photography, and the occasional woodworking project.  


“67” – Count the rings … What did you get? Count them again and see if the number changes. Born before the artist was a thought, spending decades in the quiet woods. As one of millions of trees in the great North Woods of Wisconsin, it wouldn’t truly be noticed until it fell near the artist’s family cottage.

I wonder if it made a sound when it fell?

Making Of: Crack! Bang! Thud! … The tree fell, and Eliot’s grandpa Bob went up into the woods with him and an old chainsaw. Eliot had the makings of an idea to make a print of the rings of the tree. After cutting a wooden disc from the trunk of the tree, the wood would need to sit and dry. After drying and being re-located to Eliot’s home in Texas, the wooden disc was torched to remove any soft material between the rings. Then came sanding. So much sanding. Sanding in the Houston Summer. All to get the wooden disc leveled for printing. Once level, it was rolled with ink and printed. Each print is unique. Much like the tree itself was.