David BatesWorks

David Bates is a photographer residing in Austin, Texas who has called Austin and the surrounding areas home for over 20 years. Growing up as an eagle scout he has a deep love for nature and the animals that call it home. He first picked up a camera in scouts to keep a memory of the places he had been. After setting it down for a while, he picked a DSLR back up in 2016 and has been fine tuning his creative eye ever since. He has combined his love of photography with exploration of back roads and state parks in the hill country. His main subjects are longhorns, cows and other livestock. He has always been a lover of animals and finds these subjects entertaining and would like to show people a side most may never see. When he is not cruising back roads or tracking trails at state parks, he can be found with his three-legged dogs, Tux and Crumley, at rivers and lakes in the area.