Christopher TurnerWorks

Chris Turner is a painter living in the countryside outside of Houston, Texas. Best known for his bold use of color and layers of paint to create both expressionist abstracts and landscapes, he works primarily in acrylic and mixed media on canvas and on paper.  His primary painting method typically employs a mixture of brushes. card board, palette knives, and other random implements to make marks through the application or removal of paint to reveal or conceal previous layers.

Through the vocabulary of color, composition and texture, his desire is to create art that creates an emotional and spiritual connection with the viewer.   His creativity is motivated by the belief that art speaks to each of us in spite of the barriers that often separate us, and that art has the power to bring hope and transformation. Regardless of our differences, we all share the same common basic human desires for love, significance and redemption.

His creative process, and many of the themes found in his work, evolved from his extensive travel experiences in the U.S. and overseas. From his earliest memories as a child  traveling throughout the U.S. on family vacations to his later journeys as an adult, his life and art have been profoundly influenced by the people he has met and by the wide variety of art that has been inspired by the cultural and geographic landscapes in which they lived.

These artistic expressions and impressions which he absorbed continue to shape and inspire his own artistic vision.